Organic Carnaroli Rice – 3 kg (9,20€/Kg)


(9,20 € al Kg)

Ideal for organic high cuisine risotto.

Special offer for the purchase of 3 packs of Organic Carnaroli rice of 1kg each.

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The Organic Carnaroli rice is a very fine ancient variety obtained from a cross between Vialone and Lencino, established in 1945.

This is a product in varietal purity , difficult to cultivate but bearer of exceptional organoleptic characteristics:

  • very high cooking resistance due to the high amylose content
  • high grain consistency
  • taste quality
  • the grains are large and elongated and do not aggregate when cooked

It is cultivated in our lands of the Bellerio Estate, particularly suited for their medium-textured nature, which tend to be loose and naturally enriched with organic fertility due to crop rotation with alfalfa.

Furthermore, the microclimate is suitable for Carnaroli bio , grown:

  • without the use of chemical fertilizers
  • without the use of herbicides
  • without the use of fungicides

The drying takes place in our high-tech dryer capable of uniformly lowering the humidity of the grain, without leaving carbon residues or foreign odors on the husks.

The stone processing maintains all the characteristics of the grain, it is bleached but not polished :

  • great cooking resistance
  • excellent nutritional values ​​
  • high percentage of fibers
  • intense flavor
Weight 3 kg
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9,20 € al Kg

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